صيادي الناس
Message from the Monthly Flyer from September 2008

Knowing Jesus and living for Him

Many people do not believe that Jesus is God. Some of them Him consider in their minds as being the Son of God, even though they have no relationship with Him. Others believe that Jesus is the Son of God but they do not want to have anything to do with Him. The truth is, that Jesus Christ is the one and only God. He is our Savior. The Bible says that we are dead in our sins and transgressions (Ephesians 2:1); this means that we are spiritually dead. He went to the cross for us and shed His precious blood, so that we could be saved. Jesus died on the cross, He was buried and on the third day He rose from the dead. He lives!

Heaven and earth will pass away but Jesus will never pass away. He is God and He is eternal. If you come to Him today, if you believe in Him, repent of your sins, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, then He will forgive your sins and give you His Holy Spirit who will live in your heart. Before you were dead but now you have come alive through Jesus Christ. Peter said to them: “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Acts 2:38

Everyone is able to come to Jesus, no matter what they did in their past. You do not know what tomorrow will bring. We are living in the time of grace. The Word of God tells us that Jesus is coming again soon. We do not know when He is coming back. However, there is one thing we do know: He is coming again very soon. Therefore, it is important that we are ready at all times. We need to pray that Jesus will help us to understand His Word. The Bible tells us that Jesus has redeemed us by His grace, on account of our faith and obedience to His Word. Our good works are unable to save us, however, faith without works is dead, as according to the Bible.

When we have a relationship with Jesus, then we should pray that He will help us through the Holy Spirit to live and become like He is, giving to us the attributes of His character. We should have His character. Jesus hates sin. We should also hate sin. Jesus loves. We should also love. Jesus forgives, we should also forgive etc.. We should spend a lot of time with Him in prayer. It is important to seek to have and maintain a steady relationship with Jesus. Faith, God’s Word, obedience, prayer, and fellowship are so important in our lives. Have you already testified to someone today about Jesus? If you have not done so yet, then pray to Him that He will give you His power and wisdom, so that will be on fire for Jesus and will be His witness among all people. God bless you. DKA

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